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  1. Travel Exclusive
  2. 30%

    Lindor Salted Caramel 387g

    Was HK$265.00 Was MOP 272.87 HK$185.50 MOP 191.01
  3. 30%

    Gold Bar Milk Salted Caramel 300g

    Was HK$130.00 Was MOP 133.86 HK$91.00 MOP 93.70
  4. 30%

    Milk Pretzel 300g

    Was HK$130.00 Was MOP 133.86 HK$91.00 MOP 93.70
  5. 25%

    Cool Creatures 136g

    Was HK$165.00 Was MOP 169.90 HK$123.75 MOP 127.42
  6. Travel Exclusive
  7. Travel Exclusive
  8. Travel Exclusive
  9. Travel Exclusive
  10. Travel Exclusive
  11. Travel Exclusive
  12. Travel Exclusive
  13. 30%

    Salted Caramel 310g

    Was HK$95.00 Was MOP 97.82 HK$66.50 MOP 68.47
  14. Travel Exclusive
  15. 30%
    Ritter Sport

    Tower Nut Selection 800g

    Was HK$240.00 Was MOP 247.13 HK$168.00 MOP 172.99
  16. Travel Exclusive
  17. 30%
    Ritter Sport

    Tower Colourful Variety 1kg

    Was HK$240.00 Was MOP 247.13 HK$168.00 MOP 172.99
  18. 30%

    Lindor Bag Milk 100g

    Was HK$65.00 Was MOP 66.93 HK$45.50 MOP 46.85
  19. Travel Exclusive
  20. Travel Exclusive
  21. Travel Exclusive
  22. Travel Exclusive

Whether you are traveling to your next destination or on your way home, the Duty Free stores in the Macau Atrium Airport offer a wide variety of tax free chocolates. In addition to most well-known brands available, like M&M’s, Lindt or Nutella, Duty Free offers an assortment of local chocolate delicacies. Take advantage of the tax free prices and buy your chocolate today. If you want a classic, delicious sweet gift to give, look no further than the Ferrero Rocher Box. These treats include whole hazelnut in milk chocolate and nut croquante wrapped in the iconic gold wrappers. A timeless and decadent treat that is sure to leave you craving more.

If you prefer dark chocolate, the tax free chocolate Lindt is just what you need in your life! This dark chocolate is smooth and rich with whole roasted hazelnuts folded perfectly between the chocolate. Be sure to buy this Swiss dark chocolate bar wrapped in silver packaging for the next time you want something sweet.

If you want to save time and money, take advantage of the Reserve & Collect service in Macau Atrium. This exclusive Duty Free service allows you to choose the items you wish to purchase and they will be ready for pick-up up to two hours before your flight at Macau Atrium Airport. Purchase your chocolate at a Duty Free store to save time and money!